Glen Rose Medical Center



New chance for enjoyment.

Wheelchair-bound in another state: Juanita was living by herself in Oklahoma when she fell and broke her pelvis. Her son moved Juanita to GRMC for her to receive care close to family. She had weakened in the hospital and was having insulin issues related to diabetes. She came to GRMC Nursing and Rehab Center in a wheelchair as a result of pain and the fracture itself.

GRMC’s Nursing & Rehab Center provides fresh hope: Undergoing therapy twice a day, five days a week, Juanita persevered for a full month. Morning sessions were fairly strenuous, with lighter sessions in the afternoon. Juanita’s granddaughter Tammie Apodaca, who is GRMC’s Rehab Director/Speech Language Pathologist, said “Therapy can be tough and no one wants to be in rehab. Even so, I was very pleased that my grandmother enjoyed her time at the Nursing and Rehab Center. She actually made friends there, participated in some of the activities, and fully enjoyed going out on the grounds
to enjoy the sunshine.”

Juanita is on the move: Juanita now lives in an assisted
living community in Fort Worth. She walks outside every day with
her friends. Juanita left the Center with a cane, but mostly walks
independently now…without it.

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